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“Is outdoor space messy? Clean it up with the help of Patiowell”



“Patiowell is a great choice for anyone who’s looking to a sturdy and secure outdoor storage solution.”

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“A great product and it seems super sturdy. It was actually relatively easy to put together! ”

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“Your girl really did that! would you believe that this was so easy to put together?”

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Patiowell 10x10 Metal Shed


This shed was incredibly easy to assemble, the simplest I've ever worked on. I managed almost all of it by myself, except at the beginning when I needed assistance holding up the initial panels to attach to the base.

Patiowell 10x10 Metal Shed

She Shed

We put it together. And may I say Jerry rigging was required to make it look good.

Patiowell 10x8 Metal Shed

Nice and sturdy

It's going to be great for my riding mower and tools.
Since I live in Florida, can't wait to see what a hurricane might do to it.

Patiowell 28 Gallon Deck Box

Great box

Easy to put together, sturdy.

Patiowell 82 Gallon Deck Box

Love my deck box!

It was bigger than i expected. The amount of storage this has provided me is perfect. Keeps all my thing a dry. It locks. Hinges are great. And provides a nice seating spot on the deck. Black fit in well with my wicker rattan set. Very happy with this item for the price!

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