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Patiowell 10x10 shed

It was relatively easy to build. The videos were so much help. I think it is beautiful

Looks great

Easy to put together. Looks nice with my existing furniture. Big. I put all of my furniture covers in there when not needed. Only downside is the hinges are stiff right now. I'm hoping after use they will loosen. I would purchase again if needed


Plenty of room! Was able to store 2 sets of chair cushions and 46” Papasan cushion. Easy to close. It’s kept under covered porch so I can’t speak as to how weatherproof it is. Worth the buy!

One person assembly is doable

Product feels flimsy at first. Once it is completely put together, it is sturdy and you can sit on it. They send more screws than needed for the struts. You will need a rubber mallet and philips screwdriver for assembly. I'm storing my propane tanks and it holds the weight without buckling. I had a tiny crack near one of the hinges, it doesn't affect the function. Overall decent product with a nice look. I would get another, next time there's a prime deal. Wouldn't pay full price for it.

Totally worth it!

All the sides just snap together..the only part I needed my husband for was to screw in the tension rods which are amazing! Rained for 3 days straight and none of the cushions were wet. Wanted to share the size of my deck chairs so you can see the depth of it. The pillows also fit with room to spare!

So easy to put together!

Extremely impressed with how easy this was to put together! Seems very sturdy once it’s full. Exactly what I needed until I build a shed. Pleasantly surprised.

Fairly easy to put together

The directions were fairly easy to follow-although you need to use a rubber mallet and block to help snap the pieces together-especially the bottom and the three hinges. Have not placed it outside to elevate weather readiness. I wish it was a bit more sturdier.

Good if you're not expecting much

Got this to store the outdoor furniture pillows and it does that job. However, there were a couple hiccups putting it together like snapping the door hinges into place.

My biggest complaint is that it isn't particularly sturdy and the door doesn't snap into place so things could technically get inside. If they addressed those concerns I'd give it 5 stars for the price.


For the money, this is a great storage option. Easy to assemble. I opted to add a thread of silicone caulk along all the edges to help keep the bugs out when assembling . I had zero problems assembling this unit. The shocks that hold the top door up operate well and perform their function.
One commenter stated that 24" square cushions could fit easily is incorrect. I had to lay my 24" square cushions at an angle for the top to close. It worked out okay as I only had two 24" square cushions and two back scrunch cushions to store (which I fit under the angled main cushions). I was also able to fit four flatter chair cushions at the same time. Overall a very satisfactory purchase. I purchased the "light Brown" color but it is more of a gray color. As it turns out, this color actually works with my location.

Perfect fit, looks really nice

We bought this to store all of our outdoor games and pillows. There's even room for our pressure washer. Though the instructions were clear I had some trouble snapping some pieces in place and borrowed my husband for the task. He had no issues. The only reason it's not 5 stars is because when it heats up, the lid lifts up a little bit. Nothing a lock won't fix. It looks very nice and goes well on the back deck. It's also worth mentioning it's been treated to a few torrential downpours and has zero water in it.

Decent quality for the price

Went together fine, instructions were clear. Served a little flimsy during assembly but after it was put together fairly sturdy. I was able to sit on it and it was good. I bought it mainly to store pool supplies and chemicals. Well see if it holds up to chlorine over time. I like it, serves my purpose looks decent on the patio hard to go wrong here. Cheers!

Perfect for deck storage

I wanted deck storage for my cushions, bird food container, and a few other odds and ends I wanted to store outside. As far as assembly, they were really easy to put together. I will say, I needed my husband's help snapping the lid on. I just wasn't quite strong enough. We both sat on the top to see how sturdy they were. I would encourage people to sit closer to the edges. I'm sure someone up to 150 pounds would be fine sitting right in the center. We have them sitting under the covered part of our deck. I don't really see a way water would get in. I guess if were super windy and rainy, a little water might find its way in, but nothing that would cause standing water. I am very happy with this purchase.

Seems good for the price

UPDATE:Still loving this box. It is holding up well in the elements here in WI, and is being used as intended. Additionally, I like that it is big enough inside that my packages all have fit so far, and I still have room for a "snack station" for all the delivery drivers working hard this holiday season! 😀Plenty big enough. Seemed a bit flimsy till all assembled. Directions for assembly regarding hinges could be a bit better- took me quite a while to figure out which holes to use, and just fyi the middle hole on the hinge does not have a purpose as there's no place to attach a screw anywhere. The sign does not come with it- purchased separately; as I'm using the deck box so my package deliveries stay dry outside in the rain/snow. I will update review if it does not fulfill that purpose.

Perfect addition

We love this deck box. It fits all of our cushions and keeps them dry. It is sturdy enough to also be extra seating. It was a little challenging to assemble but worth it once it was complete.

Great amount of storage

Very easy to assemble in about 30 minutes or so. Sturdy. Has a great amount of storage. I purchased to protect my outdoor furniture cushions from sun damage as I live in AZ. This is able to hold my 6 sets of chair cushions, my outdoor sectional couch cushions, AND our 4 firepit chair and ottoman cushions. Very pleased with this purchase

Love this Deckbox

This box is really great holds all my outdoor cushions&’ & all even my folding Weber grill fits! Love it!

Excellent quality and easy to assemble

Plenty of storage space. Super easy to assemble. I did it by my self under 20 minutes no problems. Looks great. Feels strong and sturdy. Super light weight, easy to move around.

Perfect & Easy

I was a little nervous when I read the directions and they implied pieces could not be taken apart once put together (I constructed this myself 37 years old - female) however the instructions were easy to follow - the storage box seems very sturdy and fit my cushions and pillows with more then 1/2 of it still empty! It was also a perfect fit next to my 6ft wide vinyl fence! Fingers crossed it keeps the contents dry! Top seems very sturdy too (the hinges used to open/close are made well)

I want to point out I HAVE NEVER left a review before but felt this deserved one!

Def. Recommend - may buy more in other sizes!

Perfect for our cushions

We needed a box that would be outdoors and hold 5 sets of 24x24x4 seat cushions. I put it together alone - definitely don't need two people. It's sturdy and reinforced with a few nicely placed metal rods. The divider adds stability too. Being lockable is an added bonus.

Easy to assemble.

Large storage box. Esthetically nice design. Sturdy. Happy with purchase.

Excellent product and the size is so large

SiE and product appearance!!!

spacious and weatherproof for outdoor storage

This storage box is very spacious, and can be used for both outdoor and indoor. The storage box is weatherproof so we leave it as an outdoor storage.

Huge Deck box!

Overall the deck box is made of very sturdy materials, the installation definitely is a 2 person job. Package arrived in a nicely packaged box. One thing I have said is that make sure you install those metal bars before clipping in those left and right side boards, it took us 5 minute to snap them on but an hour to snap them off because we forgot to install the metal bars prior, be very careful about this step because the materials are very sturdy and won’t come off easily and might risk of destroying the box.

We put it out on our patio, it’s well made, stand up yo high heat and the occasional rain. We haven’t found any issues with this deck box yet, and we are pretty satisfied!

Great Value Quality

This deck box is huge and sturdy. Two men can sit on it with no issues. It’s easy to put together myself. Looks nice in my yard. Love it.

Lots of storage

This thing is large. Larger than I pictured it to be and I love it! I got it to free up space in my
garage and get the kids outdoor toys organized. It looks good and keeps everything tucked away. The lid opens and closes nicely and can be locked if needed.