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nice shed

This shed is very nice and practical. The price is very suitable for me. The seller shipped the goods very quickly. There is no big difficulty in installation and the firmness is good. The space is quite large and can hold a lot of tools. Water resistance is also very good. There was no shed before. When I was done with the tools, I would just leave them in the backyard and forget to put them away. After being washed by rain, the tools would become rusty. Nowadays, it is really convenient to put the shed in the backyard. After using the tools, you can store them directly in the shed.

Love it

Wasn't too hard to put together but had to watch a video to do it

Great choice!

This was a solid choice at a great price point!I have two large trees in my backyard that just constantly drop sticks into the yard. I use these two containers to store the sticks, that I later use for kindling when having a fire in the solo stove!Great price point. Quick delivery, and super easy to assemble!

Great for the price

Easy to put together. Just what I wanted.

Great for the price. Easy assembly. ❤️

Getting it out of the box and fully assembled took about 45 minutes. (I'm a 64 year old woman). That's with a rain break. Is it super sturdy? Nope. But it will keep my outdoor cushions out of the weather. The cushion is worth the extra. It would cost more to make it. I'm satisfied.

Overall great deck box

Overall a great deck box. Its waterproof, it looks good, the box is sturdy once assembled, the hydrolic hinges work easily, keep lid open & it closes securely in place. I did place it against the house under the eave, but it would have been fine anywhere. The only reason I gave it a 4 instead of 5 was the pathetic assembly directions (print was faded in booklet and page 1/2 were accurate, but page 3 was not correct, we found that 'D' gets put on last & it fits inside the frame of the full box to be able to clip it in place. (opposite what the diagram said) we put it on the deck, then both of us, simultaneously snapped it all down. the hydralic hinges (diagram was unreadable) we would align, then alternate the tightening of the screws so as to not tweak the plastic frame & get equal tightening on all screws. I would still recommend buying it, just have your patience hat on, and think creatively when working with "D" (which is the bottom). The sides & lid snapped easily, a slight rocking motion at times & a firm hand when snapping. Took us about 15-20 minutes.

Perfect Shed

This shed is exactly what we needed for a storage building. We had an existing 8x10 concrete pad, so we just had to put the shed together. It was shipped quickly and the boxes were well packed. Instructions were clear, and it took about 4 hours from start to finish. We’ve had some heavy rains and there are no leaks. I’m very pleased with this purchase.

Amazing Shed for the price, and super easy to assemble!

This thing is amazing! I can’t stop looking at it and I can’t top telling people about it. I love products/companies that put a ton of obvious effort into their work. This shed is evident of that. The instructions & video were clear and concise. The packaging was flawless and super protective. The organization, the labeling of pieces, I mean everything was made to make it easy for the end user. I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t understand why some reviews claim it’s difficult to install. I thought it was extremely easy and fun to assemble. Didn’t run into any issues. Follow the instructions and the kick it technology is amazing! Everytime I kicked it and it snapped I couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear. SUPER sturdy too! Can’t believe a snap technology could be this sturdy.

All in all highly recommend this product. I have nothing negative to say about the product or the company. I don’t think I’ve been this satisfied with a product in a while.

Great shed

This shed is awesome. The build was a little challenging at times but for the most part it wasn't bad. Just make sure you read the directions and pay close attention to the part numbers. You should have two people. Once finished you have a great product. It's very sturdy and well worth the money.

I'm happy with it.

t claims it takes 2-3 hours to assemble. NO! Well, maybe if you do it for a living. It took me four days. Don't laugh. I was taking my time and dedicating just a couple of hours to the project.The pros:Everything comes complete and clearly labeled in its own bags/containers.The instructions are mostly drawings but understandable.Everything fits and aligns well.Cons:The quality of some of the hardware is questionable.Take your time, follow the instructions to the tee. Make sure you are using the correct hardware for the steps. It's imperative that you use the correct length screws. Also make sure your surface is level. Very important to make sure everything aligns correctly.There is a good video on You Tube on that helps with the installation. Look for the videos from Patiowell and choose the one with the "shedheads."

Good shed

If you want a more head room and find other metal sheds aren't tall enough, this is the solution.
I also like that it has a center brace half way through the shed

I have the 10x10 and It’s a good size

I have the 10x10 and It’s a good size,I keep my Harley ,Snow blower,Garden tools,Generator,Pressure washer,lawn furniture,and still have a little room to move around ,Good deal when there on sale ,and maybe 4 hours to erect,Base is made out of of 4x4 and plywood

Just completed my new shed.

Just completed my new shed.

Metal shed

Went together fairly quick and it is worth the money


Purchased a 10X8 ft shed. I am 72yrs old and had 1 guy help assemble it. They mark everything so no mistakes. They also have awesome videos for your project. No doubt it is a great purchase with more than enough literature. Also comes well packaged. Patiowell is well worth it!!

10x10 shed

It’s going together pretty well. Several pieces had some previous damage when we removed them from the box ie small dents, etc. I think I’m really going to enjoy my “she” shed!

Good Quality

It was surprisingly very easy to install and it’s really sturdy. It’s just the right size and bigger than I expected and prevents the rain from damaging what’s inside. It’s worth it for the price.

Great little shed

Great shed, perfect for what i myself needed. Mind you, this is light duty. Make sure to have a hard level surface. It’s perfect for keeping my mower and various lawn stuff out of the elements.

Excellent shed perfect size.

Excellent shed perfect size.

Assembling the shed was a breeze, and a fun family activity!

Assembling the shed was a breeze, and a fun family activity!

Fast delivery, quality shed

This shed is very nice. That said, I wish I hadn’t bought the metal floor frame. I found it to be rickety and unusable. I built a wooden platform instead. Also, plan for about 6 hours for 2 people to assemble, not the 2-3 hours that is claimed. All in all, I am very happy with this shed. It rained all night after assembling, and it is bone dry inside.

I just put one together, no problem just take your time.

I just put one together, no problem just take your time.

Received mine on Saturday, and it's ready for storage use.

Received mine on Saturday, and it's ready for storage use. It was amazingly simple to put together.

Patiowell 10x10 shed

It was relatively easy to build. The videos were so much help. I think it is beautiful

Looks great

Easy to put together. Looks nice with my existing furniture. Big. I put all of my furniture covers in there when not needed. Only downside is the hinges are stiff right now. I'm hoping after use they will loosen. I would purchase again if needed