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Need a garage to store your bicycles or a workshop to get creative in? Patiowell’s sheds have got you covered. With sizes ranging from 3x3 to 10x10, these sheds offer a wide range of options for you.Our top-selling 10x10 and 10x8 metal sheds are perfect for storing all of your tools and equipment,with an optional floor base to keep it more stable and durable. And if you're looking for even more organization, we offer shelves that can be purchased separately to store all your extra items. Don’t hesitate to order a metal shed in Patiowell!

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Patiowell 10x10 Metal Shed-1Patiowell 10x10 Metal Shed-2
Sale priceFrom $769.00 Regular price$869.00
Save $200.00
Patiowell 10x12 Metal Shed with Arched Roof-1Patiowell 10x12 Metal Shed with Arched Roof-2
Sale price$1,049.00 Regular price$1,249.00
Save $150.00
Patiowell 10x12 Metal Shed -1Patiowell 10x12 Metal Shed-2
Sale price$899.00 Regular price$1,049.00
On sale
Patiowell 10x8 Metal Shed-1Patiowell 10x8 Metal Shed-2
Sale priceFrom $749.00 Regular price$829.00
Save $120.00
Patiowell 8x12 Metal Shed-1Patiowell 8x12 Metal Shed-2
Sale price$729.00 Regular price$849.00
Save $100.00
Patiowell 8x10 Metal Shed-1Patiowell 8x10 Metal Shed-2
Sale price$699.00 Regular price$799.00
Save $100.00
Patiowell 8x6 Woodlook Metal Shed-1Patiowell 8x6 Woodlook Metal Shed-2
Sale price$579.00 Regular price$679.00
Patiowell 8x6 Metal Shed-1Patiowell 8x6 Metal Shed-2
Patiowell 8x6 Metal Shed-KhakiPatiowell 8x6 Metal Shed-2
Patiowell 6x4 Metal Shed-1Patiowell 6x4 Metal Shed-2
Patiowell 6x4 Metal Shed With Peak Roof-1Patiowell 6x4 Metal Shed With Peak Roof-2
Patiowell 6x4 Woodlook Metal Shed-1Patiowell 6x4 Woodlook Metal Shed-2
Patiowell 6x3 Metal Bike Shed-1Patiowell 6x3 Metal Bike Shed-2
Patiowell 5x3 Metal Shed-Khaki-1Patiowell 5x3 Metal Shed-Khaki-2
Patiowell 3x3 Metal Shed-KhakiPatiowell 3x3 Metal Shed-1

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The Metal Shed comes with a 10-year warranty.

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Patiowell invited @StBernardAcres explore the 10X10 metal patio shed, providing you with valuable tips, tricks, and in-depth reviews to help you make an informed decision.

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Metal Shed

  1. Durability: The metal sheds are made of steel which is high in strength and resistant to wear and tear.
  2. Low Maintenance Cost: Metal sheds require minimal maintenance and are resistant to pests and decay.
  3. Fire Resistance: Metal sheds are not easily combustible, and they are providing a safer storage option.

Plastic Shed

  1. Low Maintenance Cost: Plastic storage sheds have a low maintenance cost, only requiring occasional cleaning.
  2. Weather Resistance: Anti-corrosion, rust-proof, and pest-resistant.
  3. Easy Assembly: Plastic storage sheds are quick and easy to assemble.
  4. Lightweight: Plastic storage sheds are lightweight, which makes them easier to move.

Outdoor Storage Cabinet

  1. Durable: Wooden sheds can withstand heavy items on the walls, and can be used for shelves or hanging tools.
  2. Insulation: Wood has better thermal insulation, making it suitable for use throughout years.
  3. Aesthetic Design: Wooden sheds have a natural appearance, enhancing the beauty of your outdoor space.

Sheds Product Line

Patiowell‘s Sheds product line offers a comprehensive range of choices to meet different needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for a sturdy and durable metal shed with low maintenance costs, a lightweight and easy-to-assemble plastic(resin) shed, or a wooden shed that appreciates the natural beauty of wood, you can find solutions that meet your individual needs in the Sheds product line.