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Are you overwhelmed with items accumulated from backyard entertainment, gardening, and leisure activities? Has your garage or indoor storage space become chaotic, leaving your backyard in disarray?

Introducing the Patiowell Kick-it 8x6 Plastic Shed, your ideal solution for a tidy backyard. With its interlocking panel design and unique Kick-it assembly method, this shed reduces assembly time by 30% by requiring fewer screws. Choose the Patiowell Kick-it 8x6 Plastic Shed for a more organized and orderly backyard.

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Don’t screw it, kick it!

Full-panel mounting design reduces the number of screws in the 8x6 plastic shed by 30%. Our special 'kick-it' installation not only saves time but also provides a fun and easy installation experience! Even if you're not good at DIY design, you can make quick work of this shed installation.

Crafted for Superior Protection & Security

Our 8x6 storage shed ensures superior protection with a smart ventilation system, sleek drainage design, and a convenient three-digit password lock. Elevate your backyard security effortlessly.

kick-it 8x6 plastic storage shed air vent

Vent Design Ensures Air Circulation

With well-designed vents to ensure air circulation, it is moisture and mildew resistant whether used as a studio or storage space.

the roof of plastic storage shed

Sloped Roof To Prevent Standing Water

The sloped roof design cleverly incorporates easy drainage, so even on rainy days, there will be no leakage of water, so you can avoid humidity even when you are in this plastic shed.

The combination lock of the 8x6 plastic storage shed

Combination Lock Adds Security To This Shed

Compared to traditional door locks, combination locks do not require keys, reducing the worry of losing keys, and are stronger and more secure than traditional door locks.

All-Season Durability

Through blow molding technology, the plastic structures we use are more robust and durable. The hollow structure also enhances the overall structural strength, making it suitable for various climates and seasons.

Window Design Brightens Up The Shed

Windows are designed to maximize natural light and maintain an appropriate temperature in the tool room.

Benifits of Patiowell Kick-it 8x6 Plastic Shed

Patiowell 8x6 plastic sheds use eco-friendly materials to bring unprecedented convenience to your backyard life and provide security for your belongings.

kick-it plastic storage shed Wood-Like Texture design

Wood-Like Texture

Imitation wood texture is practical and beautiful, moisture and mildew resistant.

kick-it plastic storage shed all-weather materials

All-Weather Resistant

Provide protection for items by resisting rain and snow, and resisting corrosion.

patiowell kick-it plastic storage shed Blow Molded Design

Blow Molded Design

Blow molding increases the density of the plastic, making it robust and more durable.

kick-it 8x6 plastic storage shed eco-friendly materials

Eco-Friendly Materials

Use recyclable and eco-friendly materials for green backyard living.

video cover of 8x6 plastic storage shed installation video

*When installing wall panels with a kicking action, press firmly downwards to ensure the bottom of the wall panel fully inserts into the ground slots. As shown in the video, once the bottom of the wall panel aligns perfectly with the ground, proceed with the kicking action.

Click the button below to access the 8x6 storage shed installation guide.

Installation Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
S. C.
Perfect Shed

This shed is exactly what we needed for a storage building. We had an existing 8x10 concrete pad, so we just had to put the shed together. It was shipped quickly and the boxes were well packed. Instructions were clear, and it took about 4 hours from start to finish. We’ve had some heavy rains and there are no leaks. I’m very pleased with this purchase.

Celtson T.
Amazing Shed for the price, and super easy to assemble!

This thing is amazing! I can’t stop looking at it and I can’t top telling people about it. I love products/companies that put a ton of obvious effort into their work. This shed is evident of that. The instructions & video were clear and concise. The packaging was flawless and super protective. The organization, the labeling of pieces, I mean everything was made to make it easy for the end user. I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t understand why some reviews claim it’s difficult to install. I thought it was extremely easy and fun to assemble. Didn’t run into any issues. Follow the instructions and the kick it technology is amazing! Everytime I kicked it and it snapped I couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear. SUPER sturdy too! Can’t believe a snap technology could be this sturdy.

All in all highly recommend this product. I have nothing negative to say about the product or the company. I don’t think I’ve been this satisfied with a product in a while.

Great shed

This shed is awesome. The build was a little challenging at times but for the most part it wasn't bad. Just make sure you read the directions and pay close attention to the part numbers. You should have two people. Once finished you have a great product. It's very sturdy and well worth the money.

I'm happy with it.

t claims it takes 2-3 hours to assemble. NO! Well, maybe if you do it for a living. It took me four days. Don't laugh. I was taking my time and dedicating just a couple of hours to the project.The pros:Everything comes complete and clearly labeled in its own bags/containers.The instructions are mostly drawings but understandable.Everything fits and aligns well.Cons:The quality of some of the hardware is questionable.Take your time, follow the instructions to the tee. Make sure you are using the correct hardware for the steps. It's imperative that you use the correct length screws. Also make sure your surface is level. Very important to make sure everything aligns correctly.There is a good video on You Tube on that helps with the installation. Look for the videos from Patiowell and choose the one with the "shedheads."

Excellent shed perfect size.

Excellent shed perfect size.

Let's hear from YouTubers

a lady stangding in front of 8x6 plastic storage shed

Mom’s Shed Cleanout Rollercoaster.

This video describes an 8x6 ft Kick-it plastic storage shed built by the owner. Despite enduring some rain and storms, the interior of the shed remains dry and secure.

A lady assembling the roof of a 8x6 plastic storage shed.

Adding an addition / She-shed to Our Backyard !

" Starting with a decent addition that will serve as additional entertainment space, office, and laundry space... "

a lady is assembling the 8x6 plastic storage shed

Backyard Makeover Begins ! | Building My Outdoor Patio Shed.

This YouTuber shared her experience building an 8x6 foot Kick-it plastic storage shed in her backyard. She admitted that she is not a professional, but decided to tackle the project herself. Throughout the process, she expressed her pride and excitement about being able to complete such a project on her own.

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