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Shed Maintenanceshed floor foundation

Do Sheds Need a Foundation? A Comprehensive Guide

Wondering if a shed foundation is necessary? Explore our comprehensive guide to understand the importance and types of shed foundations.

Shed MaintenancePatiowell metal sheds

How to Choose the Right Size Metal Shed for Your Needs?

Introduction In a fast-paced world, using the outdoor area as efficiently as possible is an indispensable part of the modern lifestyle. It does not matter whether you are a diehard gardener, a DIY ...

Shed MaintenancePatiowell Parent-Child Game

How to Turn Building a Plastic Shed Into a Parent-Child Activity

Plastic sheds are taking backyards by storm with their lightweight materials, easy-to-follow instructions, and spacious interiors. When you order a plastic shed from Patiowell, you're building the ...

Shed MaintenancePatiowell Shed

How to Create the Perfect Foundation for Shed

Introduction Here is your ultimate guide to the best way to construct a suitable foundation for your shed! Whether you need a sturdy metal shed that is steadfast or a flexible plastic one, building...


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Shed Maintenance4x6 Plastic Shed

How to Extend the Life of Your Plastic Shed

Now that you are the proud owner of a brand new 4x6 plastic shed, you want to ensure it lasts. Our plastic garden sheds are a fantastic, easy-to-install storage solution. With a lifetime warranty, ...

Shed Maintenancebuilding a shed in the backyard

How to Build a Shed in Your Backyard?

 Learn how to build a useful backyard shed, choose the best kind—such as a metal or plastic shed—build a solid base, and add finishing details.

Shed Maintenanceold shed

The history and evolution of sheds: How did sheds evolve to modern multi-functional spaces?

Shed, a term originally used to describe a simple, single-story structure used for storage or as a workshop, is an English word meaning "a small building or structure used for storage, shelter, or ...