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Decorate a Garden Shed and Transform Your Yard

How to Decorate a Garden Shed

Whether it’s a "she shed," a "man cave," or a place to keep your tools, your backyard garden shed can be more than just a basic storage space. With the right design, a touch of decor, and a smidge of inspiration, you can transform your garden shed into an extension of your home that further reflects your personality and taste.

The possibilities for decorating a storage shed are nearly infinite. Maybe you want to create a retreat for when teenagers invade your home, or you want a shed that aesthetically complements the rest of your garden. Whatever your goal, you will find inspiration in our latest article. Read on to discover tons of ways to style your garden shed into a captivating outdoor retreat.

1. Give Your Shed Modern Farmhouse Vibes

The farmhouse decorating trend combines rustic and modern elements to create a warm and inviting atmosphere and a cozy shed that's fun to visit.  

The farmhouse style uses crisp white lines and clean and bright exteriors to evoke a sense of fresh modernity. Incorporate iconic farmhouse sconces and add some eye-catching contrast with a dark gray, navy, black, or red roof.

Complete your shed's transformation by taking your farmhouse ideas to the interior. Warm oak floors or sturdy wooden backing for your tool hangers will add elegance to the shed's interior, and dark-colored fixtures will finish the look. A simple farmhouse-style rug could also complete the transformation.

2. Create a Multi-Purpose Shed

A backyard shed can be more than a place for the mower and other garden tools. It can also provide somewhere to relax after a hard day of gardening. Decorate your shed with a comfortable garden bench where you can sit and enjoy the results of your handiwork. Make sure to include a comfortable cushion that's also weatherproof.

multiple use shed

If you only have room for a small garden shed, add a workbench to a side wall to create a potting shed. You could also use this space to grow herbs for the kitchen, saving you from bending down when harvesting.

3. Build a Private Reading Nook

Enhance your outdoor lifestyle by transforming your garden shed into a reading nook. You don't need a large shed to create this unique space in your garden. Add a full outdoor sun lounge, a round cane rattan nesting chair, or a couple of bean bags, depending on how much room you have spare. A large deck box with a cushion provides a comfortable place to curl up with a good book and plenty of storage space underneath.

4. Add a Window Box

A metal or plastic shed can often have real or fake windows, but whichever version yours has, you can make your shed look nice with a windowbox full of colorful blooms. Our 8x6 plastic shed and 4x6 plastic shed both have cute little windows built-in, perfect for adding a splash of color with seasonal blooms.

window box

No windows, no problem. A trellis is another fantastic option to add interest to your shed and outdoor space. You can grow climbing flowers or vines to cover the entire side of the shed. For an attractive yet functional shed design, try growing vines that produce edible fruits or vegetables.

5. Make Your Garden Shed the Pride of the Garden

Why should a stylish, trendy shed be hidden from view way up the back of the garden? When you make the effort to spruce up a new metal or plastic shed, you want it to be the focal point of your yard. Consider the shed's visibility from different vantage points. A central or prominent location will make it a defining landmark..

Create an attractive pathway to the shed to draw the eye further. Natural stone stepping stones are an affordable landscaping alternative for a more natural vibe. Or, if your budget allows, try concrete pavers, which come in a wide range of styles, colors, and designs.

6. Paint Your Shed

build your shed

You aren't stuck with the original colors because you can easily give your shed a new look with a lick or two of paint. Whether it's a plastic or metal shed, and even if you consider yourself artistically challenged, you can spruce up your garden by painting the shed however you like.

Change the color of just one side, or go bold and cover it with large, colorful, geometric patterns to match the blooms in your garden. This is an easy project that requires only a few paint colors and a bit of masking tape to keep the lines crisp.  

Online is a great place to find inspiration for decorative garden shed ideas. Head to Etsy and search for stencils that will have you decorating your garden shed like Rembrandt. There is no shortage of ideas, including florals, intricate geometric designs, and stencils depicting everyday objects.

7. Turn Your Garden Shed Into a Studio or Games Room

If your gardening days are behind you, it's possible to give your garden shed a new lease on life by turning it into something else. Many people convert the garden shed into an art studio. Keep your paints, brushes, and easel out of the house, and give yourself a quiet space to indulge in your passion. Throw the doors wide to let in the natural light, and start painting, knowing you won’t be disturbed.

Have teenagers who need somewhere private to hang out with their friends? Run some power to your outdoor metal shed and convert it into a teenage retreat. Add an old lounge and TV, a fan or two, and throw in a small bar fridge. Your teenagers will have a cool place to hang out with their friends, and you finally get the house to yourself again.

8.  Garden Sheds for Tiny Gardens

A tiny garden does not mean you should go without a decorative garden shed. Check out our Peak Roof Outdoor Storage Cabinet, which has plenty of room for all the gardening essentials. A small shed is perfect for an unused corner to keep your gardening tools close by and out of the garage. It features a nifty little cabinet at the top for smaller items and arrangeable shelving to keep everything neatly organized.

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