Patiowell 3x3 Metal Shed Pro

Sale price$189.00
Color: Cool Gray
W39 x D41 x H63
Coverage area 9.2 sq.ft
Storage capacity 46 cu.ft
Max roof load 220 lbs
Comes with 10-Year Warranty
Free Shipping 2-7 Business Days
30-Day Money Back
(040)899-4894 (Mon-Fri 9am-3pm EST)
3x3 metal storage shed standing in backyard

Great for backyards and gardens

Get the metal shed to enhance your outdoor space.Say goodbye to clutter and keep things simple and organized!

3x3 metal storage shed Multiple Uses

Multiple Uses Of This Shed

As garbage shed,his storage shed is easily store two large garbage.As tool storage room,it a safe space for your tools,you can add shelves, hooks or other tools as needed.And you can also create an efficient layout for your ideal equipment room with endless possibilities.

3x3 metal storage shed all-weather resistant

Waterproof And Easy To Clean Material

The high-quality, waterproof plastic keeps your belongings dry in even the wettest conditions, and the sloped roof design can prevent water from accumulating.

3x3 metal storage shed Sloping Roof Design

Sloping Roof Design

The sloped roof design adds extra storage space while preventing rain or snow from accumulating, while the chain kit allows you to open the bin lid cleanly. And the solid walls can protect the items inside the shed.

Metal shed VS Plastic shed

a brown metal storage shed is filled with music instrument

Metal shed

  1. Durability: The metal sheds are made of steel which is high in strength and resistant to wear and tear.
  2. Low Maintenance Cost: Metal sheds require minimal maintenance and are resistant to pests and decay.
  3. Fire Resistance: Metal sheds are not easily combustible, and they are providing a safer storage option.
kick-it 8x6 plastic storage shed filled with backyard tools

Plastic Shed

  1. Low Maintenance Cost: Plastic storage sheds have a low maintenance cost, only requiring occasional cleaning.
  2. Weather Resistance: Anti-corrosion, rust-proof, and pest-resistant.
  3. Easy Assembly: Plastic storage sheds are quick and easy to assemble.
  4. Lightweight: Plastic storage sheds are lightweight, which makes them easier to move.

Assembly is a breeze with user-friendly components, and our comprehensive installation guide guarantees a swift setup of 1-2 hours for two people. We've got you covered with high-quality rubber gloves included for a smooth installation process.

Click the button below to access the installation guide.

Installation Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Great alternative for a crawlspace access cover!

I was looking for something to replace an old wooden platform that covered my crawlspace access point and this shed was perfect! I was able to assemble 95% of this by myself, but it would go faster with 2 people. Despite a few flaws from shipping, it looks very sleek!

PROS: Very sturdy once assembled! Not too heavy to where it’s difficult to move from one location to another. Very spacious for a small shed. The instructions were just diagrams, but fairly easy to follow.

Materiales de buena calidad acordé al precio, Fácil de ensamblar

Buen producto para obtener almacenamiento extra, 3x3 dónde puedes acomodar varias herramientas, puedes agregar soporte de madera para dividirlo en niveles y puedes acomodar aún más cosas. Muy fácil de ensamblar, 3 horas haciéndolo con calma, Recomendado.

Kim b.
Outdoor shed

This is the perfect size to fit my backyard. It looks small, but really it can fit lots of things. If you have a small backyard, I would recommend getting this so that you can storage stuff inside.

Does the job

So far so good. If it lasts a long time it will be GREAT.

Excited to use this

I needed a small shed near my garden to store irrigation supplies, tools, and weed barrier. Luckily, this shed is the perfect size to fit between my tree rows. We placed it on a pallet and added a piece of plywood to ensure the floor was solid. With the shed bolted to the pallet, it feels very sturdy and I believe it will withstand our fierce winds. My only regret is that the taller side isn't positioned at the front where the doors are. I understand that most people probably place the shed against a house or some other structure to prevent water from running between the shed and the structure. However, since mine won't be set up that way, having the shorter side on the door is slightly inconvenient. Still, I'm excited to finally have my garden shed, so I'll get over it.

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We Are Dedicated to Sustainable Outdoor Storage

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Green Initiative: One Order, One Tree

With our 'One Order, One Tree' initiative, every storage solution purchase helps reforestation efforts. For each shed or deck box sold, we plant a tree, combating deforestation and promoting a healthier planet. Make a tangible difference with PatioWell and support a greener future.

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Eco-Friendly Excellence: GRS Certified Products

At Patiowell, our commitment to sustainability is evident in our GRS-certified products. Each item meets stringent environmental standards, ensuring you get durable, recycled, and eco-friendly outdoor storage solutions. Choose PatioWell to support a circular economy and reduce waste.