Patiowell 5x3 Plastic Shed Pro

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Color: Light gray

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W59.4 x D61.9 x H76
Coverage area 12.2 sq.ft
Storage capacity 75.6 cu.ft
Max roof load 165 lbs
Comes with 10-Year Warranty
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30-Day Money Back
(040)899-4894 (Mon-Fri 9am-3pm EST)

Ideal storage option with moisture and rust resistant features

Get the perfect 5x3 plastic shed. Made from durable plastic panels, which offers a stable structure.

Spacious Storage Space Can Store More Items

This compact size is perfect for those who want to keep their backyard organized without taking up too much space, offers ample room to store your tools, shelves, and other items, while effortlessly fitting in your backyard. With its sturdy design, this shed guarantees generous space to accommodate all your belongings. Discover the perfect storage solution for your needs.

Window Provides Natural Light And A Bright Environment

A well-designed window not only brings natural light into your room, but also helps to prevent moisture accumulation.

Lockable Door Provides Extra Security For Your Belongings

Our lockable door is designed for maximum security, ensuring your items are always safely stored. It also offers user-friendly access, providing convenience whenever you need to retrieve your belongings.

Metal shed VS Plastic shed

kick-it 8x6 plastic storage shed filled with backyard tools

Plastic Shed

  1. Low Maintenance Cost: Plastic storage sheds have a low maintenance cost, only requiring occasional cleaning.
  2. Weather Resistance: Anti-corrosion, rust-proof, and pest-resistant.
  3. Easy Assembly: Plastic storage sheds are quick and easy to assemble.
  4. Lightweight: Plastic storage sheds are lightweight, which makes them easier to move.
a brown metal storage shed is filled with music instrument

Metal Shed

  1. Durability: The metal sheds are made of steel which is high in strength and resistant to wear and tear.
  2. Low Maintenance Cost: Metal sheds require minimal maintenance and are resistant to pests and decay.
  3. Fire Resistance: Metal sheds are not easily combustible, and they are providing a safer storage option.

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Installation Guide

Customer Reviews

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Sam D.
Purrfect for my outdoor pets!

After looking at a number of sheds all over, including on amazon,, and home depot, this one stood out with everything that I was looking for at the best price. The included window and waterproof floor are great features, making this shed an all in one set up with no additional materials required. Every other shed that I looked at in this price range did not have the window or a floor. The instructional video was a huge help, and the patiowell service team has been very helpful and responsive.

Thank you!!

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