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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide for Your Yard

Patiowell Shed for Sring Cleaning

The days are finally getting longer (and a little warmer), buds are popping out on trees, and daffodils are waking up on hillsides.

That’s right, it’s springtime! And that means it’s time for a bit of spring cleaning.

After the long winter months, where very little growth happens, it is the best time to get a leg up on getting our yards looking sharp.

Of course, some maintenance is always required. But a little bit of effort at the beginning of the season goes a long way in keeping things looking great for the next year.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide for spring cleaning the yard. By following these step-by-step, you can make sure your yard will be the best looking in the neighborhood!

Step 1: Make a Plan

A plan is essential for success. There are many ways to go about this, including sitting down and actually drawing out your yard. That way, you can better visualize where things might go and how the space could be used. If you don’t feel so inclined, you can simply stand outside and imagine where things might be.


Whatever you do, at least write down the major things you’d like to get done. This forms a checklist that will track your progress. It will also keep you on track. Sometimes, tasks can get out of hand, or we can get distracted by problems that pop up. Those will end up sapping your resources and take you out of seeing the bigger picture.

Think in Zones

For most people, their yard is like the biggest room of their house. You are usually better off cutting it up into zones. A large plastic shed can be a great way to block off space for storage, while a flat area could be the best place for playing catch. Meanwhile, that sunny spot might be perfect for a garden.


Look at the areas of your yard and think of the best ways to use them. Then, your spring cleaning can focus on getting them ready for those activities they’ll be used for.

Step 2: Declutter and Organize

Patiowell 10x10 metal shed

Let’s face it: many of our yards are in disorder. Kids’ toys sitting out, rakes leaning up on fences, and a pile of firewood that’s been getting rained on for months. We get it — the yard is typically not a big priority in winter. But it’s spring cleaning time, so let’s move out the clutter and find a home for everything!


Now is the best time to decide where things go. Once you have a clear idea of where everything should be put away, it’s much easier to take them back there after using them. It’s also a good time to donate things you no longer use and dispose of all the stuff that’s broken.

Create Indoor Spaces in the Yard

The single best way to declutter a yard is with a plastic shed. Convenient plastic sheds provide an affordable way to keep outdoor-use items out of the elements and in an organized space.


It’s much easier on the eyes and protects your things, making it a real win-win for your family. Plus, a plastic shed is much easier to keep organized than an outdoor space, thanks to its compact layout and the ability to hang items on walls for easy access.

Step 3: Trim Everything Up


Now that you’ve broken everything into zones and you’ve gotten everything organized, it’s time for the last step — yard maintenance. This is the chance to clear away debris, trim overgrowth, wash the sides of the house (maybe do some touch-ups with paint), clean windows, and basically bring everything to a perfect starting point.


Early spring yard maintenance sets a tone. Get everything looking sharp now, and keeping it looking good is relatively easy — even through summer months. And thanks to the generally cooler weather, yard work is a lot more pleasurable than later on in the year.

Get It All Back to Square One

Once you are done, you’ll have everything ready for the excitement of spring and the fun of summer. Things will look good and orderly, and you might even have a new plastic shed to keep things in!


This will be much easier to maintain and keep looking good. And that’s the goal of spring cleaning — to go above and beyond, getting things up to a new standard.

Bonus: Make Sure to Add a Personal Touch!

Spring cleaning can often feel like a long list of chores. You need to clear out this, organize that, get rid of those. But there is no time like spring cleaning to add a personal touch to your home and yard.


New outdoor decorations and furniture are a wonderful way to add beauty and comfort to your yard — as well as a little bit of self-expression. If you add a plastic shed to your yard, you’ll have the space to enjoy more seasonal outdoor items that can be put away and taken out as needed.

The Importance of Spring Cleaning

There are few moments of the year more satisfying than finishing up with spring cleaning. As the spring heats up and moves onto summer, you’ll be so glad you got your yard in good shape.


Now, your family can enjoy the outdoors instead of battling it!


Looking for more upgrades to make your yard absolutely perfect? Check out our full lineup of plastic sheds.

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