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How to Turn Building a Plastic Shed Into a Parent-Child Activity

Patiowell Parent-Child Game

Plastic sheds are taking backyards by storm with their lightweight materials, easy-to-follow instructions, and spacious interiors.

When you order a plastic shed from Patiowell, you're building the structure with a one-piece panel design. Start by snapping the panels together, which also include the windows and door. The next step is to secure certain pieces with screws, such as attaching the sides to the flooring. Finally, you can attach the roof using the same snap process. The overall process is easy enough for the whole family to participate.

What's better than a plastic shed that's easy to build? How about a DIY project that can be used as a parent-child activity? There are several ways to not only turn building your shed into a game but also spend quality time with your children.

1. Hold A Race

Parent-child game in building a shed

One idea is to hold a race between family members or encourage your younger child to be the referee of other family members' race.

The goal is to see who can build their side of the shed first. You can even offer a reward, such as choosing the next family activity. After the race, families can work together to install the screws and snap on the roof.

It's important to avoid rushing through the process, even in a race, to ensure the panels are properly snapped together.

2. Beat-The-Clock Challenge

If you're worried about your children rushing through a race, you can always hold a "Beat-The-Clock" challenge. Start by setting a reasonable time to build the shed together, such as one hour. Building the plastic shed takes less than an hour, but children still feel like it's a game, and they don't have to worry about the pressure of beating another team. Plus, beating the challenge motivates them to take part in other DIY projects by giving them the self-confidence they need to build something with their own two hands.

3. Pretend Play, Real Build

If you're working with smaller children who may not enjoy the pressure of a race or beating the clock, you may decide to take a more "pretend play" approach. Let your child pretend they're a carpenter or a beloved character, such as "Bob the Builder" or "Handy Manny," allowing them to dress the part. With such a simple building process, you can easily snap the panels with your child. What may seem like a simple DIY activity to you is something they'll remember forever.

4. Pretend Carpenter School

Another "pretend play" route is a game of "carpenter school," which involves parents pretending to be the teachers while their children are the students. You can even supply a kid-friendly toolbox or tool belt to let your child feel like they're getting ready for class. Use this game to teach children how to follow instructions when building a structure.

For bigger families, reverse the roles and let your children take turns being the "assistant teachers" for each side, allowing them to help teach everyone how to put together the shed. You're not only building the shed together but also instilling leadership qualities in your children.

5. Build-A-Shed Scavenger Hunt

Parent-child activity in shed

This activity encourages children to read and follow the instructions of a DIY build. Use the instructions to show kids the materials and tools needed for the plastic shed, such as the panels, roof, and screwdriver. One idea is to make copies of the instructions, so your children can check off the materials they find as they would any other scavenger hunt.

Once you're ready, your children must find the pieces on their list and help you put the shed together. The game continues until the shed is complete.

6. Assemble The Shed as a Puzzle

With such an easy snap design, why not treat the shed as a puzzle? This is a great idea for children who love puzzles and problem-solving games.

Let your children point out the next piece while you put the shed together. Of course, your children can help build areas such as the siding, and you can take care of screwing the other pieces together. Your children are helping you build a new shed for the backyard by completing the puzzle.

Let Them Help With The Set-Up

Regardless of which parent-child activity you choose for building your plastic shed, your child may want to help with the set-up once it's finished. Fortunately, you can assign a job that's easy and fun, allowing the excitement of building a shed to continue. For example, you can install your own shelves inside the shed, and your child can help you organize the items that belong on each shelf. On the other hand, if the shed is meant for outdoor toys, such as bicycles and sports gear, your children can choose a spot inside the shed for their items.

The Lifetime Warranty Policy For Peace of Mind

Patiowell offers a lifetime warranty on in-house developed products from the official website, including the 8x6 and 4x6 plastic sheds. This provides peace of mind knowing your plastic shed is covered in the event of accidental damage during the warranty service period.

There are also two-year and 10-year warranties on other Patiowell products. You can learn more about the warranty policies by contacting the staff through the official website. Patiowell is confident in the high-quality materials of all products.

With Patiowell, Building A Plastic Shed Has Never Been Easier

With such an easy-to-follow process, it's no wonder families are turning to Patiowell plastic sheds for their backyards. From the busy parent looking to spend time with their children to the eager little carpenter ready to build something new, this one-panel snap design makes it easy for everyone to join the fun.

To learn more about the plastic sheds, and other sheds and deck boxes, check out the inventory from Patiowell.

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